Yeshua’s Prayer

Three different forms of prayer [1] were identified in early Israel:

Hodu – grateful acknowledgement of God because of His deeds;
Hallelu – to praise; prayer of exalted joy;
Baruch – to bless God in acknowledgement of His greatness and glory.

The Jewish forms of prayer contain the full expression of who God is in Himself, and in relationship to us and to His creation. This is fully borne out in Yeshua’s Prayer, which, in a simple sense, opens with a Baruch and is followed by a petition, which is couched in a Hodu:

Father, we bless You in Your holiness and holy habitation.
Your holiness and righteousness be present and upon us.
Keep us, as You did our fathers, by providing Your Manna daily
and just as You have shown and extended to us righteous judgement
and merciful compassion by forgiving our sins
we will follow Your example and extend forgiveness
to those who have sinned against us.
Keep us from leaving Your paths of righteousness
and bring us through the snares of our adversaries
into Your glory.[2]
So be it.


[1] Reuven Hammer, Entering Jewish Prayer, Schocken Books, 1994
[2] Compilation of Matt 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4 by M. Beck, 2000.

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