I Hear a Symphony

O Lord
The great and awesome God
Who keeps his covenant of love
With all who love him
And keep his commands . . . .
You are righteous . . . .
The Lord our God
Is merciful and forgiving . . . .
O Lord, listen!
O Lord, forgive!
O lord, hear and act!
For your sake
O my God
Do not delay . . . .
-Daniel 9:4-19

One of the most beautiful prayers requesting forgiveness and restoration is found in Daniel 9. It records God’s acts of righteousness and His faithfulness to His people as well as the rebellion and wickedness of His people. It is a petition of truth laid out and presented by Daniel to God on behalf of himself and the people. But perhaps the most striking thing about this prayer is the opening reference to God’s “covenant of love”.

The covenant between God and His people is more often than not these days referred to as a/the covenant of the Law. In fact, I have never heard of it referred to as a ‘covenant of love’ in a Christian context. And if it is a ‘covenant of love’, how then are its contents to be viewed? Those who are quick to rush to judgement on exactly what the ‘covenant of love’, the place of Jews, and the commands-in-perpetuity given to God’s people mean in a Christian context, need first to understand their Judaic context. I would have thought that if we are joined to them (being grafted in), then a ‘Judaic context’ is the least we need to understand.

Understanding the ‘one new man’ means understanding the whole composition, not just our particular note in the symphony. We are all in the symphony of God’s love. Each of us brings the beautiful notes that He has given us to play. Pay attention to the conductor for He is the One who is directing how the piece is to be played. He is the One who has written us to be the most beautiful song ever played in the universe. Let each note sound as He has directed it to sound.

The Lord is coming!

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