So, everyone who hears these words of mine
And acts on them
Will be like a sensible man
Who built his house on bedrock. …
But everyone who hears these words of mine
And does not act on them
Will be like a stupid man
Who built his house on sand. …
-Matthew 7:24, 26 (JNT)

By the time the readers of Matthew get to the end of Matthew 7, they have traveled through the well known, traditional ‘Beatitudes’ territory in Matthew 5:3-12. And while the ‘Beatitudes’ are oft remembered in a soft, ephemeral way – somewhat like a camera lens rimmed with Vaseline to blur and soften the reality of an image – they are usually remembered in isolation from Matthew 5 and 6, and the harsh reality of Yeshua’s warning at the end of Matthew 7. In fact the traditional ‘Beatitudes’ should actually be called the ‘Blessitudes’ because they actually precede the real ‘Beatitudes’.

So what are the ‘Beatitudes’ of Yeshua that we are to ‘hear’ and ‘act’ upon?

Be Salt and Light (Matt 5:13-16)

  1. “salt for the Land” – salt is needed by all living organisms for survival – contribute to people’s survival
  2. “light for the world” – in this particular case, we are to be the light that everyone can see, so that “the good things you do” may be seen by everyone so that they may “praise your Father in heaven”

Fulfill the Torah and the Prophets (Matt 5:17-7:23)

  1. Yeshua did not “come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets” but to “complete” them
  2. We are neither to “disobey” the Torah and the Prophets or “teach others to do so”
  3. We are to “obey” them and “teach” others likewise
  4. Our “righteousness” must be “far greater” than those in the profession of teaching the Law – Yeshua is our righteousness and if we “obey” Him and “teach” others likewise, then will our righteousness be “far greater”
  5. Be submissive to mercy and forgiveness and humility
    1. “do not murder” but even more than that, do not “nurse anger”
    2. call no one “You good-for-nothing!” or “Fool”
    3. you go and make peace with anyone who has “something against you” before making any offering to God
    4. come to terms with lenders before they drag you into court
  6. Keep your eyes on what is already yours
    1. Keep your eyes and mind off of someone else’s spouse
    2. Don’t let your eyes or hands respond to lust
  7. Make no oaths at all – just be honest and straightforward in all your answers
  8. Don’t return an evil act with an evil act
  9. Whenever you are asked to give, even by your enemy, give even beyond what you are asked
  10. Love everyone and pray even for the one who persecutes you
  11. Give to the needy but do it out of compassion and not for the praise of others – give in secret
  12. Pray always for God’s will to be done, for daily sustenance, for forgiveness and to forgive, for deliverance from those things that lead us astray
  13. Fast in secret
  14. Keep your heart centered on hope in Yeshua and your eyes on that everlasting prize – don’t become a slave to money; you choose your focus but you can’t serve both
  15. Stop worrying about money and stuff – instead set your mind on God’s Kingdom and righteousness
  16. Pay attention and live today – tomorrow’s troubles are tomorrow
  17. Judge yourself first in every circumstance – then you will be able to see how to help others
  18. If you are not a sower, water and reap only in fields where the seed has already been sown or whatever you say and do may be thrown back in your face and you may be given a beating to-boot
  19. Keep believing that God is, and trust that He answers those who keep asking, seeking, and knocking
  20. Treat others how you wanted to be treated
  21. The road to life is beyond a narrow gate and is a hard one to travel. Some find it but most are on the wide and broad road to destruction. Choose the road beyond the narrow gate
  22. Be wise – check out the fruit of those who say they are a prophet, don’t just take their word for it

Many will balk at the thought that in the day and age of the Holy Spirit we have to ‘hear’, ‘act’ upon, and reproduce these ‘Beatitudes’ in our lives. However, the Holy Spirit was given precisely to guide us through the narrow gate and walk out the ‘Beatitudes’ on the hard road to life, and to comfort us on our journey. Do we think that the Holy Spirit would choose to lead us any other way than that which the Lord Himself took?

Trust, choose, walk, live.

The Lord is coming!

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