Hey You!

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes
He will guide you into all truth.
He will not speak on his own
He will speak only what he hears
And he will tell you what is yet to come.
He will bring glory to me
By taking from what is mine
And making it known to you.
All that belongs to the Father is mine.
That is why I said the Spirit
Will take from what is mine
And make it known to you.
-John 16:13-15

Preceding this passage in John, Yeshua says that the Holy Spirit/Counselor was being sent into the world for a purpose:

1) to “convict the world of guilt”

a. “in regard to sin”
b. “in regard to righteousness”
c. “in regard to judgment”.

Those in the world were/are ‘guilty’ of not believing in Yeshua, or in His righteousness, or in God’s judgment against “the prince of this world [who] now stands condemned”.

The Holy Spirit/Counselor was also being sent in particular to Yeshua’s disciples for a purpose:

2) to “guide you into all truth”

a. “he will speak only what he hears”
b. “he will tell you what is yet to come”
c. “he will bring glory to me [Yeshua]”.

Through the Holy Spirit, Yeshua gifts His disciples with the word of God, and with certain knowledge of the difference between His truth and the lies of the condemned “prince of this world”, and with the gift of prophecy. The Holy Spirit brings glory to Yeshua through Yeshua’s disciples.

Hey you!  You have believed in Yeshua and have received the Holy Spirit. Believe more in His gift to you than in the liar who whispers that believing in that sort of thing may have been relevant in the violent, backwards world of two-thousand years ago but it doesn’t fit with the advanced techno/scientific world of today.

People are still starving, still need healing, still need prayer, encouragement, hope, joy, love – you have been gifted with the Holy Spirit to help meet their needs, and to bring them the invitation to come to the great wedding banquet of Yeshua and His bride.

Worry for nothing – be about your Father’s business.

The Lord is coming!

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