Waiting for Something

Truly, the Lord is waiting to show you grace
Truly, He will arise to pardon you.
For the Lord is a God of justice
Happy are all who wait for Him.
-Isaiah 30:18

Everyone is waiting for something – a job, a baby, to clear a debt, a medical procedure, for the stock market to rise, a tax refund, for the price of oil to drop, for the latest news, and, yes, some are even waiting for death. God is also waiting – “to show you grace”. He is waiting to pardon you, and to impart His loving-kindness and goodwill to you.

Some people aren’t too happy about the ‘pardoning’ part of God – they are doing the best they can, they are as good to people as they deserve, they volunteer, they don’t swear, smoke or gamble, they drink in moderation, they are an upstanding member of the community, they meet society’s standards as ‘good people’. Very often these people are surprised to find out that in spite of being society’s ‘good people’, they still need God’s pardon. They are often surprised to learn that, perhaps, in the first instance, they need God’s pardon for having sought only to meet ‘society’s standards’ rather than His standards.

Living a ‘good’ life is great but living a ‘great’ life is better. Turn, receive pardon, and grace – to live according to God’s standards.

The Lord is coming!

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Do not urge me to leave you, to turn back and not follow you. For wherever you go, I will go; wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God.
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