The Sea Stinks

Fruit trees of all kinds
Will grow on both banks of the river.
Their leaves will not wither
Nor will their fruit fail.
Every month they will bear
Because the water from the sanctuary
Flows to them.
Their fruit will serve for food
And their leaves for healing.
-Ezekiel 47:12

The descent to the lowest sea on Earth is like being slowly smothered – the air becomes heavy and breathing becomes laboured. The heat is oppressive and the sea stinks. There is so much salt in the sea you can’t sink – you can actually read a newspaper while floating. Many people go to the Dead Sea to cover themselves in salty mud, as they believe it has purification properties good for the body.

It is very difficult to imagine the Dead Sea coming back to life, full of fish and other creatures. But the prophecy in Ezekiel says that such a thing will happen all because of a trickle of water that flows out from under the new Temple in Yerushalayim that becomes a great fresh water river of life that will even turn the salty Dead Sea water fresh. And along the banks of this great river, healing fruit trees will grow.

From a trickle to a creek, to a stream, to a river too-wide-to-swim-across, to a healed Dead Sea, lined with trees that will both feed and heal the people – this is the promise of a gift accompanying the new Yerushalayim. But what a wonderful illustration of what Yeshua is doing in our lives today. Turn, nurture the seed planted in you, drink from the ‘living water’ and grow, become a living tree, bringing life and healing to those around you.

The Lord is coming!

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