Prophecy’s Reflection

As for me, this is my covenant with them
Says the Lord.
My Spirit, who is on you
And my words that I have put in your mouth
Will not depart from your mouth
Or from the mouths of your children
Or from the mouths of their descendants
From this time on and forever
Says the Lord.
-Isaiah 59:21

For those who believe that prophecy has come to an end, the above passage presents a great difficulty. For those who believe that the advent of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach ended all prophecy, the above passage presents a great difficulty. Prophecy is a necessary function – a God-function, provided by God for His purposes.

Prophecy is not just about ‘predicting’ the future, it is also about reminding people about the past – God’s history, and human kind’s history in relationship to God. Prophecy is a ‘gift’. Among other things, prophecy serves to remind people where they have been, where they stand at a certain point in history, and where they are going on the path they have chosen. This ‘gift’ allows people to acknowledge the existence of God, His power, His mercy, His love for them. Prophecy also allows people the opportunity to see their reflection – who they really are in God’s eyes. Not all prophecy reflects a pretty picture. But even when the picture reflected is an ugly one resulting in dire consequences, prophecy allows room for repentance and restoration to fellowship with God through those consequences.

Not everyone is thrilled by the way prophecy functions. This is perhaps why many deny the possibility of its function today. In a post Judaeo-Christian world dominated by atheism, humanism, mysticism, and religious terrorism, it’s not surprising so many deny the existence, never mind the possibility, of prophecy. Humanity’s reflection is not a pretty one these days. Not only is there the denial of God’s existence, His ‘existence’ in history is mocked or used as a weapon of subjugation and terror.

Ultimately, prophecy is about Truth – God’s Truth. And the truth is that who we are cannot stand in light of who He is – Holy, Righteous, Just, Merciful and Loving. God continues to call to us by any means possible – including prophecy – to turn, humble ourselves, receive His forgiveness, and rise up as a reflection of His holiness, righteousness, justice, mercy and love.

The Lord is coming!

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