Poor and Needy

. . . . Therefore, men of understanding, listen to me;
Wickedness be far from God,
Wrongdoing, from Shaddai!
For He pays a man according to his actions,
And provides for according to his conduct;
For God surely does not act wickedly;
Shaddai does not pervert justice.
Who placed the earth in His charge?
Who ordered the entire world?
If He but intends it,
He can call back His spirit and breath;
All flesh would at once expire,
And mankind return to dust.
If you would understand, listen to this;
Give ear to what I say.
Would one who hate justice govern?
Would you condemn the Just Mighty One?
Would you call a king a scoundrel,
Great men, wicked?
He is not partial to princes;
The noble are not preferred to the wretched;
For all of them are the work of His hands.
Some die suddenly in the middle of the night;
People are in turmoil and pass on;
Even great men are removed—not by human hands.
For His eyes are upon a man’s ways;
He observes his every step.
Neither darkness nor gloom offers
A hiding-place for evildoers.
He has not set time for man
To appear before God in judgment.
He shatters mighty men without number
And sets others in their place.
Truly, he knows their deeds;
Night is over, and they are crushed.
He strikes them down with the wicked
Where people can see,
Because they have been disloyal to Him
And have not understood any of his ways;
Thus he lets the cry of the poor come before Him;
He listens to the cry of the needy. . . .
-Job 34:10-28

When was the last time you listened to the cry of the poor or the needy? God hears them all the time and He waits to see what our actions and conduct is towards them. We are poor and needy in so many ways and He has shown us mercy—be like your Father and show mercy, kindness, love and give to your poor and needy neighbour without measure. Life is fleeting and opportunity is calling you to a Holy act; be found Holy—your Messiah approaches.

The Lord is coming!

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