Necessary Question – Fantastic Answer!

“Are you the Mashiach, Ben-HaM’vorakh [the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One]?”
“I AM,” answered Yeshua.
“Moreover, you will see the Son of Man
Sitting at the right hand of HaG’vurah [the power]
And coming on the clouds of heaven.”
-Mark 14:61b-62 (Jewish New Testament)

Necessary question – fantastic answer! The people of Israel had been waiting a long time for Ha’Mashiach. Yeshua had been going around doing fantastic things – teaching, performing miracles, healing, raising the dead – the question had to be asked of Him. Yet, although He answered that He was indeed the Messiah for whom they had been waiting, the religious authorities did not accept His answer. They had eyes to see but all they chose to see was an ordinary man – no crown, no royal robes, no riches, no worldly power.

Yeshua’s answer also told them something else – further proof of who He was would be provided on the Day of the Messiah (Lord), when He would return robed in majesty and power. That day is approaching. Turn, recognize ‘the Son of Man’ and ‘the Messiah Son of the Blessed One’, see and accept His mercy, forgiveness and grace, watch for His Majesty ‘coming on the clouds of heaven’.

The Lord is coming!

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