Mystery of the Heavens

Now, should people say to you,
“Inquire of the ghosts and familiar spirits
That chirp and moan; for a people may
Inquire of its divine beings –
Of the dead on behalf of the living –
For instruction and message,”
Surely, for one who speaks thus
There shall be no dawn.
And he shall go about in it
Wretched and hungry;
And when he is hungry,
He shall rage and revolt against
His king and his divine beings.
He may turn his face upward
Or he may look below, but behold,
Distress and darkness, with no daybreak,
Straitness and gloom, with no dawn.
-Isaiah 8:19-22

We are all born under the sky within the heavens, and within the heavens are constellations – recognizable patterns that appear like clockwork year after year, millennium after millennium. Bullinger* recalls the history and importance of original names and their meanings given to stars, planets and constellations from ancient times. He also explains that the origin of the name ‘Zodiak’ originates not from the Greek, as is generally assumed today, but is from “a primitive root through the Hebrew Sodi . . . [which] means a way. Its etymology . . . denotes a way, or step, and is used of the way or path in which the sun appears to move amongst the stars in the course of the year.” Bullinger also reveals the mystery of the Spinx as being “a never-ceasing monitor, telling us to begin [the Zodiak] with Virgo and to end with Leo” as the place to “break into [the] circle” of the heavens above – heavens which are a ‘witness’ not to a person’s future or personality but to God’s existence and glory:

The heavens declare the glory of God,
The sky proclaims His handiwork
Day to day makes utterance,
Night to night speaks out.
There is no utterance,
There are no words,
Whose sound goes unheard.
Their voice carries throughout the earth,
Their words to the end of the world.
-Psalm 19:1-5

God has said He is an “impassioned God” [He has “jealous indignation—the rage felt by one whose prerogatives are given to another” JPS, p. 149](Exodus 20:5; Deuteronomy 4:24), as well His name is “Impassioned” (Exodus 34:14), and He will not tolerate His witness and glory being usurped by astrologers, fortune-tellers, palm readers and the like – He warned what will happen to them and those who rely on their interpretations (Leviticus 19:26; Deuteronomy 18:10-13).

Indeed, gaze at the stars—not to find yourself, but to read the witness of the reality of the existence of God and His Glory!

The Lord is coming!

*E.W. Bullinger, reprint of 1893, The Witness of the Stars. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications. Pages (in quoted order) 15, 20-21.

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