Invisible Enemy

He also forced everyone
Small and great
Rich and poor
Free and slave
To receive a mark
On his right hand
Or on his forehead
So that no one could
Buy or sell
Unless he had the mark
Which is the name
Of the beast
Or the number of his name.
-Revelation 13:16-17

Nothing controversial in this text then! In a coming time, a visible enemy will rule an economic system which will demand that everyone be counted (like a census) and ‘branded’. Of course the debate over ‘the mark’ has raged for millennia but at no time in history has there ever been the means to ‘brand’ every single human being on earth. In fact, since 9/11 the race has been on to do precisely just that – in the name of freedom, we all need to be identified so that ‘terrorists’ can be easily found. However, those who believe that we live in a post-freedom era need to take into account at least two peoples who will not submit to such a system – Christians and Jews.

Jews, who were ‘identified’ by a tattooed number on their bodies and destined for extermination in WWII, will never again submit to any type of identity mark on or in their body, nor, I doubt, will their children or grandchildren, et al.

Christians will not submit to such a system because they have been clearly warned what the consequences of submitting to such a system will be:

If anyone worships the beast and his image
And receives his mark
On the forehead
Or on the hand
He too will drink of the wine
Of God’s fury
Which has been poured
Full strength
Into the cup of his wrath.
He will be tormented
With burning sulphur
In the presence of the holy angels
And of the Lamb.
And the smoke of their torment
Rises for ever and ever.
There is no rest
Day or night
For those who worship
The beast and his image
Or for anyone
Who receives the mark
Of his name.
This calls for patient endurance
On the part of the saints
Who obey God’s commandments
And remain faithful to Jesus.
-Revelation 14:9b-12

In those days the declared enemy will be the Invisible God – the God of Jews and Christians – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God who Jews came to know through Abraham and the same God Christians came to know through Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. They will be accused of disrupting the world’s economy. They will be the ones who will be branded economic ‘terrorists’. The world will think they are doing themselves a favour by taking them both on and doing away with them in the name of the new ‘freedom’, and for the sake of world economic stability (but in actuality they will be taking on God).

If you don’t think this type of system is possible, just Google it. Microchip implant technology is in well-established use for most major animal groups (cats, dogs, cows, horses, sheep, goats, birds, fish, whales, elephants, etc). The number one reason for tracking animals is economic – stop theft and illegal transportation; the number two reason is for tracking disease – such as mad cow disease; the third reason is sentimentality – reuniting pets with owners. All viable reasons to use such technology; and I’m sure the reasons for introducing such technology into the human anatomy might run along similar lines: to monitor the movements of known terrorists/criminals/VIPs; to introduce a new economic system with the collapse of world monetary systems; to share resources ‘equally’ (some being more equal than others of course).

One should always use common sense when it comes to survival, that’s a given, but do you just want to survive, or do you want to live? And do you just want to live here on earth, or also in the world to come? These are serious questions to think about, investigate and answer for yourself. In the end, you will stand alone before God and it will be to Him that you will have to give a reckoning for your decision. God desires reconciliation with all human beings. Turn, be reconciled, and live – but be warned, it may cost you your life.

The Lord is coming!

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