I Have Been Watching!

Has this house
Which bears my Name
Become a den of robbers to you?
But I have been watching!
Declares the Lord.
-Jeremiah 7:11

For a great many religions God is some distant entity, who might occasionally glance in this planet’s direction, or who is so remote in being and nature that it is impossible for him to draw near to us. What made the Hebrew God different was that He had a one-on-one relationship with a people – He kept watch over all they did, and most especially the place of His Name.

There is a silly belief that God is done with the Hebrew people (Jews to you and me) and has transferred any and all things that He gave to the Hebrew people over to Christianity – a great many Christians believe this in spite of having God’s word that states time and again God’s perspective and promises to the contrary. Even in this chapter of Jeremiah, where God is chastising the people for having gone astray, He says:

If you do not oppress the alien
The fatherless or the widow
And do not shed innocent blood
In this place
And if you do not
Follow other gods
To your own harm
Then I will let you
Live in this place
In the land I gave
Your forefathers
For ever and ever.
-Jeremiah 7:6-7

God has not abandoned His relationship with the Hebrews – He cannot and will not break His own promises to them. Perhaps He has begun a new relationship with a people not His people, but that new relationship is not to the exclusion of the relationship He had, and continues to have, with the Hebrew people. Christianity gleefully points out the restoration of Israel as a nation as proof of God keeping His word to do so. Yet they continue to persist in supersessionist thinking and teaching that relegates the Hebrew people to the dung heap instead of upholding them and treating them as the ‘apple of God’s eye’.

For those whose mantra is ‘God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow’ remember that God IS the same yesterday, today and tomorrow – His mercy, grace and glory is for Jew and Gentile alike, and, yes, there are certain promises and gifts for the Jews only, whether anyone likes/approves of that fact or not.

For those who do not love the Jews as they do their only family, and who do not consider the injunction to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as incumbent on themselves, then they had better think again. For the Lord of Glory will touch down in that very place, and rivers of peace (perhaps the peace we have prayed for) will flow from His throne and the nations will pay homage and bring gifts to Him in that place. Turn and be healed so that you might join the throngs on a river of peace, who will bow down low to Him in thanksgiving for the mercy and grace He extends to all people.

The Lord is coming!

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