Wormwood and Rot

Ha! Those who would hide their plans
Deep from the Lord!
Who do their work in dark places
And say, “Who sees us, who takes note of us?”
How perverse of you!
Should the potter be accounted as the clay?
Should what is made say of its Maker,
“He did not make me,”
And what is formed say of Him who formed it,
“He did not understand”?
-Isaiah 29:15-16

I am sure that the euphoria of winning a presidential election or taking up the crown of a realm is quite tempered the day following when the secret things known only to Presidents, Kings, Queens and Prime Ministers have to be revealed. Things the previous occupants of power have done of which the public is unaware and which can’t be revealed because the Office of Power would appear sullied, no longer above reproach, an office of disgrace and corruption. Sadly, the new occupants usually believe the lie that to continue to hide previous abuse, lies and corruption is ‘best for the public’. So they start off a fresh administration in a dirty house, and so the cycle continues.

Every once in a while a true housekeeper comes along with a correct understanding of what is ‘best for the public’ and throws open all the closed things, sweeps out every corner, and exposes the wormwood and rot throughout – so that the Office of Power can begin anew. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is a true housekeeper, and those who wish their work to remain hidden in ‘dark places’ do not want her to take her rightful place in the Office of Power. Please continue to pray for her and her safety in freedom – and that right will overcome might.

What we do now we do before the invisible God – for the moment He is invisible, not us!

The Lord is coming!

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